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Let me show you how to make style feel fun again, how to make self confidence feel attainable again, and how to start attracting the life you've always wanted.

I've been passionate about style my entire life. But it wasn't until I started my own journey of personal growth that I realized how important it is to look good so we can feel even better.



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When you step into your closet each morning, do you feel empowered? Or overwhelmed? The truth is, for most women life becomes so overwhelming, it's easy to disconnect from your signature style. But it doesn't have to be this way. No matter where you are in life, you can connect to your signature style, and find the power, fun and confidence that comes from always feeling put together.



"Katie made me feel so comfortable about opening up to her about my style woes, and with her expertise and attention to detail, we identified my personal style, which I had never truly done! Not only that, we did a closet edit session which was so fun to revive the energy of my wardrobe, color analysis to nail down the colors that look best on me, outfit ideas, shopping lists, and SO much more. Katie knows her stuff - if you're feeling in a slump with your style, need a boost of confidence, or want to get creative with your clothes, Katie is your go-to!"


"Katie knows her stuff!"



"Katie is now my style guardian angel. She came to me at the right time and has given me permission to have my sense of style back. From start to finish, she listened to what my real concerns were. Real concerns like I am plus size, can you really help me? I hate shorts and have to show homes in the summer, what is a great option for this? I hate my upper arms - can you help me find shirts that work accordingly? I need to find cute sneakers to go with dressy outfits, is that ok? Can you find that? And guess what, she did"


"My style guardian angel!"


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"Being styled by Katie was ridiculously fun and brought me so much joy! I can't begin to say enough glowing things about Katie. She has a gentle, fun ease and she is such a great listener. Stepping into working with Katie was a pivotal moment for my life and business. Katie was instrumental in helping me uplevel my wardrobe and my style so that it was more aligned through all areas of my business and social media. Clothes no longer bring me such anxiety and dread and I look forward to trying new things and getting dressed every day."


"Clothes no longer bring me such anxiety & dread!"



"When I came to Katie, I was craving a confidence I’d never had when it came to my wardrobe. I never realized how many self-limiting beliefs I had about my clothing! Katie helped me step out of my comfort zone in a way that has entirely shifted the way I show up in my personal and professional life. At work, I am constantly bombarded with compliments and recognition. Even my online engagement has skyrocketed! Katie is phenomenal, and I’ll never be the same. I’m a much more confident person today, and I couldn’t have done it without her guidance."

Courtney Kubovcik

"My online engagement skyrocketed!"



"Working with Katie turned out to be more enjoyable and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined! Katie made the process fun and positive. She helped me realize that I actually had good intuition about my power colors. I learned how to use clothes are already had and put together differently than I have been. Shopping is so much easier now with the style profile and color analysis Katie created for me. My husband tells me how sexy I look way more now! 
I feel so empowered to dress how I want to feel whether that be fun, sexy, confident or bring it like a badass."

Sheena B

"I feel so empowered to dress how I want to feel!"



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