Grab my exclusive methodology for syncing your personal style with each week of your cycle.

Get in Sync with Your Style

Start Dressing for Your Cycle

We've heard all about the inner work we need to do to feel good all month long: track your cycle, eat for your period, plan your workouts around your flow. But there's something no one has been talking about: how to dress for your cycle. 

When you start dressing in alignment with your cycle, you can start harnessing the energy each phase brings - and show off your inner goddess.

And finally start embracing your unstoppable style.

STOP caving to the "period panties" at the end of every month.

STOP saving your "good clothes" for other people.

STOP hiding behind your clothes and wear what you want.

This guide will help begin this “synced style” journey by teaching you to identify what moods and feelings you might be experiencing during the month and how to express them through your unique style. 

Fun “Did you Know” facts & helpful exercises 

Matching lipstick shades for every season

My favorite “style syncs” for each season of our cycle

Don’t worry if you aren’t clear on your unique style I even included a space for journaling through some of the exact same questions I ask myself as well as each of my clients to help us get clear. 

This 18-page guide will certainly make getting in sync with your style - and your cycle fun - and you might even enjoy getting dressed again.



I'm Katie

I've always been passionate about style, but it took a long time for me to realize just how much of an impact I could make in the lives of female entrepreneurs by encouraging them to own and discover their personal style.

When you work with me, you'll find the confidence to bring your personality to life, no matter what stage of business you're in.