I help women put on their power.

The next-level version of you starts in your closet. 

When I look at a closet, I don't see clothes, shoes, and cobwebs. I see opportunity - opportunity to choose a feeling and manifest whatever I want - whether that's more clients, more connection or more abundance.

Style is a form of self care that ensures you always show up feeling good - whether that's for a hot night out or a Zoom call. I want to show you that style can be fun, style can be easy, and style can be a self-care habit that helps you build confidence and take your life to the next level. 


When I was little I loved playing dress-up and doing fake photoshoots with my grandfather to express my creativity, but early on I was taught that I should still focus on doing something different when I grew up. So, like many children, I decided I would do whatever the “most successful” person I knew was doing, so I was going to be a doctor just like my grandfather. 

I was going to be a doctor right up until the time I was going to college, which I had actually given up on altogether, but then at the last minute, I listened to a little voice inside, applied to college late, and decided to go to school for Fashion. 

How it All Started...

Going to school for Fashion was not the popular thing to do in my family and for years no one understood why I wanted to do that considering we lived hours away from NYC, the only place I would ever work with a Fashion Degree. But like all headstrong 18-year-old women who are set out to change the world, I didn’t care what they thought… until I did. 

I started to bend and I took the safe route and got a marketing job, then another one and another one, and continued to climb the marketing ladder until I was high I couldn’t see what was always right in front of me. Don’t get me wrong I loved my marketing career and the things it afforded me. 

But, through this journey, I picked up the habit of checking boxes instead of checking in with myself like the 18-year-old who followed her heart and went to college for her dream. 

If you would have asked me what my hobbies were it would have been checking boxes. 

Career ✔
Car ✔
Married ✔
House ✔
Kids ✔
Bigger House ✔

You get the picture, and when there were no more boxes to check I began retreating to my closet and crying because those boxes were supposed to make me feel fulfilled. And while I LOVE my family, my house, and my career I had never stopped to ask myself what box did my heart want to check. 

Then a big box got unchecked for me and I lost my job… the job I had been with for 11 years helping people decorate and style their homes. And, believe it or not, I got laid off in that same closet, walk-in closets make for great recording studios (shout to all my fellow podcasters) and pop-up pandemic offices, hence why I was in the closet when I got fired. 

I knew this was my chance to do something that felt real to me. I loved what I was doing helping people create amazing spaces in their homes, but I knew inside that it had to start with them and not their homes.

So after many months (or should I say years) I finally listened to that little voice again and she said “it’s the clothes its always been the clothes, why do you think you have been hanging out in the closet so much” and I knew right then what to do and the beginning of Katie Just Styled was born.

I have always been passionate about empowering women and breaking down barriers. That is what got me through all the years in my corporate career, but I am so obsessed with the fact that I finally get to do it my way & help women develop an unstoppable style so they can create the life of their dreams too! 


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